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Empire Auto Detailers - The Premier Auto Detailers serving Greater Baltimore Metropolitan Area
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Executive Detail -
Wash, Machine Wax, Paint Sealant, Claying, Interior Shampoo, Engine  Details...
Express Detail -
Wash, Spray Wax, Interior Spruce and Vacuum  Details...
Interior Detail -
Vacuum Interior, Shampoo Carpets, Mats, Seats, Clean Dashboard and Cup Holders  Details...
Economy Detail -
Wash, Machine Wax, Interior Shampoo  Details...

Services Express Mini Detail Economy Detail Executive Detail Interior Only Detail
Hand wash with a special polymer with a micro fiber mitt
Dry with chamois
Door jambs wiped
Vehicle wheels, wheel wells and tires scrubbed clean
Fender scrubbed to remove bug splatter and road grime
Tires dressed to a perfect shine
Gas cap and surrounding area treated
Vacuum interior including ashtray and trunk
Shampoo carpets and mats by machine or with a heated extractor if necessary      
Interior windows, mirrors and gauges cleaned to a streak free shine
Dashboard wiped clean
Exterior trim treated
A spray wax is administered by hand to leave a "wet look"
A wax is applied with an orbital buffer to seal in the protection and leave a "wet look"
A wax used by machine to seal in the protection and leave a "wet look"
Special attention paid to cracks and crevices by removing dust, dirt and grime
Vinyl and leather treated to a “like new” condition
Headliner (interior roof and sides) scrubbed by hand to remove dirt and hair particles
Carpet and upholstery pre-spotted, hand shampooed, and deep cleaned with a heat extractor
Free interior car scent
A Clay Bar is used to safely and quickly remove all these contaminants and restores crystal-clear reflections and slickness. Instantly, paint is restored to a shiny, smooth-as-glass finish and is ready for wax, polish and glaze protection to be added.
A paint sealant is used to protect the paint from environmental fallout. The paint sealant protects the vehicles paint for up to one year.
Hand application and removal of polish and glaze
5 Point Engine Shampoo

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